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If you've never played a MUD text adventure before, you'll find that it's actually pretty intuitive. For example, you start the game standing on a road with a shovel nearby. Type "take shovel" to add the shovel to your inventory, and "go east" to walk down the road. Typing "Inventory" will show you what you're carrying, "save" and "restore" let you play through in multiple sessions, and "help" gives you some tips if you're stuck.

I'd also recommend using some scratch paper to map out the area as you discover it. Check out the source link for a few other Terminal easter eggs to help you kill some time this weekend. If so, you'll appreciate GameMaker which is an easy to use card based development system which allows you to create simple adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text via a simple GUI.


However, although GameMaker doesn't require programming knowledge, it does allow programmers to enrich their games and you'll produce much better results if you have some basic skills. GameMaker allows those that can't program to simply draw pictures, enter text and generally build your game from the bottom up.

You only have a certain file limit within which to build your game which means that anything you create using GameMaker will be quite limited. GameMaker is an easy to use card based development system which allows you to create simple adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text. There is no programming required, but it does have a small programming language which can be used to make better games.

Just draw the pictures, type some text, click a few buttons, choose some options. You can then compile your game into a real stand-alone application that can be uploaded to online services.

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If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Entertainment Gaming. While they were born from hardware limitations, text-based games can still be played on modern devices. Instead, you can just play them right now in your web browser. Here are some great text-adventure games available to play.

Specifically created for first-time IF players, The Dreamhold is an excellent way to get acquainted with this genre.

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Just type tutorial off to disable that part of the game. As for the game itself, the plot here revolves around you waking up inside a cell. Zork is one of the earliest and best-known text games. Originally launching in the late s, it has survived the test of time due to its high quality of storytelling and advanced text recognition. For such an old game, the text parser is not picky about what you enter.

Zork was actually split into three parts. This first one starts you in front of a white house with no further instructions. Zork supports saving and restoring, and you can even change how much information the game gives you about new locations using the brief and verbose commands.

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This classic is a great starting point for getting into text adventure games. Play Now: Zork. Spider and Web is a text-adventure game from from the same creator behind The Dreamhold. This adventure has you play as a spy who was captured when masquerading as a tourist. Notably, the dialog options in this game are simple compared to others.

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When asked a question, you can only answer Yes , No , or stay silent. You can save and restore to avoid having to replay large chunks; the game also includes an Undo command for when you fail. Are you in the mood for a must-play horror game The Scariest Must-Play Horror Games for Halloween The Scariest Must-Play Horror Games for Halloween In the spirit of Halloween and all things scary, here's our pick of the scariest and most atmospheric horror games of the last few years. Read More?

Night House has you play as a young boy who wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Night House is unique in that it has a few extras aside from text input.