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The complete collection is yours to download. Head straight to the Nik Collection website where you can download the mother-ship of all photography plugins! I was interested to see if the new DXO version with 55 new filters would be worth paying for. After installing it and discovering that it no longer works with Corel Paint Shop Pro, I discover the trial installation wiped out my prior free version, so I no longer can use it.

Thank you DXO for deleting my past free version and leaving me hanging. I own other DXO software but will never buy anything from them again. Very displeased.

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Woke up todayh to find that my Nik effex had moved from being free to having to pay for it — I uninstalled it and reinstalled it which worked the last time this happened only to find that I had the 30 day trial option in lieue of buying — looks like the freebie is now done and dusted. I feel you! Same thing happened with me. I bought it and then a few months later it was offered for free. I also predicted that Google is going to let Nik Collection go as soon as they tapped the technology for Snapseed and decided to not buy Nik until DXO proven that they are committed and bring out a fresh version.

Fortunately, the free version still runs without problems on my computer.

I paid for the NIK collection just a fe months before it was available for free. At any rate it appears that I now have to pay again for the collection.

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I had the nik collection, but after up dating Photoshop I have to re install the nik collection but I would not be without it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Inspirational Photo Nov 6.

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Inspirational Photo Nov 5. Inspirational Photo Nov 4. Inspirational Photo Nov 3. Inspirational Photo Nov 2. Inspirational Photo Nov 1. Forum Home Recent Topics Search. Start Prev 1 Next End. If you own these products, just download the new versions from www. Kevin from Nik.

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How long do people get free updates? D Nikkor mm 2. If you own a given product, updates are free. The following user s said Thank You: robbie. How long has Nik Software been around anyway? Photo Comments. Keep up the great work guys. The following user s said Thank You: orion.

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Monster Photography Hooked. Thanks You might have found a new bug. I agree with Robbie that you probably want to submit a support request , but I'm curious: When you click on Preview, what happens? You might also want to make sure your video card drivers are up-to-date.

Another idea is to go to the Settings dialog and try it without GPU processing. See if that makes a difference. Nik Software was originally founded in by a fellow named Nils Kokemohr hence the name of the company, which are his initials. We've had a direct focus on digital photography since Thanks for asking! Can you hide the edit pins when working? When working on small surface I find these get in the way.

Thank you for your help.

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